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My name is Jen Cole and I have been in the ceramics world  since I was 10 years old. Being raised in the arts laden town of Asheville, NC -  I have had my hands in the clay for over 20 years. After working as a studio aid in my High School, I got a full scholarship to Penland School of Crafts and attended the Fall of 2002 concentration. I worked as a ceramics teacher at Racine Center for the Arts in Wilmington, NC and continued my personal creations. When I graduated with  Masters in Coastal Management from UNCW in Spring of 2009, my love of the ocean flooded my love for ceramics and Teal Turtle Studio was born. 

Supporting local is extremely important to me and we source 100% of our clay from North Carolina. 


 I currently draw inspiration from my coastal town of Wilmington, NC, my pack of rescue dogs and my love of ocean creatures. A portion of all of my proceeds go to help rescue dogs in need.  Thanks for stopping by!

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